More reasons I hate Locke

•May 3, 2007 • 2 Comments

Locke has become evil also, just as manipulative as Ben. He is so selfish and bent on what he wants, that he will now use others to get it. In season one, he manipulated to help them, now he just helps himself.


The Brig

•May 3, 2007 • 10 Comments

Ok, so this episode had a ton. First of all, can I just repeat that I hate Locke? If you liked him before, let me remind you he is now just as manipulative as the Others. So while we are on that, Cooper said he got there after hitting a guard rail in his car and being taken out on a gurney. Obviously that was either when the Others came to get him or he was magically brought to the island. But if Cooper was so set on it being purgatory and tried to tell Locke that “you still don’t know where we are,” why were the Others so quick to shut the door and keep Locke from hearing. We know that it is not purgatory.  Also, about his dad getting there. Obviously Sawyer has been thinking about it a lot too, he always had the letter with him, even to go to the bathroom, so did they both get him to the island? On that note, I thought it was horrible what Locke did, you could really tell that Sawyer was trying to change.

Ok, other things. Why did Rousseau need dynamite? Come to think of it, where has Alex gone off too, we didn’t see her last night with all the Others. She probably just wasn’t shown, but it may be important in connection with Rousseau. And what are Juliet and Jack not telling Kate? It seemed to be brought up when she was talking about the boat 80 miles off shore, so is it about the Others’ giant boat or something else about them getting off the island. Does Jack know Juliet is a plant (Ben told Locke and he could have gone and told them, and now Sawyer knows)? I don’t think it is about her maybe being pregnant, because that is an awkward time to bring up if they should tell her or not. Kate kind of annoyed me in that she just went and told Jack when Juliet was right there. I know she wants to trust Jack, but why tell him then? Last thing, then I have to think some more and write later, who were the bodies in the plane wreckage. Naomi said they found bodies in there, and the whole plane, so whose bodies are they? And I wonder if the wreckage was on their original path or the one after they turned (remember the pilot said they had turned and no one would know where they actually were). Anyway, thoughts? I will try to write more soon!

We found your plane

•April 26, 2007 • 9 Comments

To start, I am so glad that it is Jin’s, NOT Michael’s! I think that I partially liked Juliet, but I still hate her. I am glad she helped, and now we know that whoever said they were interested in Kate (because of Sawyer) was right. Anyway, Mikhail is still alive…so why did he run to the flare? Apparently the Others left him behind also when they all left the barracks. And the best part, the last line! SO the Others probably planted a plane somewhere, but who were all the dead people they found? Or did they just find no bodies and assumed everyone was dead? We know they are not dead and in purgatory, so it had to be a plant, or maybe there was two flight 815 and they were selected to be on that one – remember season one finale where a bunch of them just made it on the plane. I think that is wrong, that the Others planted something somewhere…still pondering on it though. Ideas or observations?

Caught you

•April 18, 2007 • 9 Comments

So I couldn’t come up with a good title this week, sorry. How is everyone doing? Well, tonight’s wasn’t as great as last week, but still good. Let me just begin by saying I love how Penny and Desmond met, so sweet. Anyway, first thing. So I thought I saw someone in the picture on the monk’s desk, so I looked it up, and guess who it was? The lady that sold him the ring in the flash-back/forward/? before. Interesting…he didn’t see the picture, I don’t think, so how did that lady show up in the flash. Both her and the monk guided Desmond on where to go next, so that may be important. Also, what language was the book? If it was Portuguese, it would make sense because I think that is what those guys were speaking in the finale last year. So I wonder what connection that holds. Anyway, any thoughts on what would have happened had Desmond let Charlie die? I don’t think it would have been Penny, but something would have been different, I’m sure. Maybe, since Charlie is his new button, the thing that he keeps “pushing” by saving Charlie, there would have been another flash and chance to be with Penny, as before when his job pushing the button ended. Ideas?

Oh, and I still hold out that Jack is good and has a plan. I think that is why he is with Juliet all the time, to watch her and figure out how to stop whatever it is is going to happen. Anyway, that is it for now. I will think and add more later!

One of who?

•April 11, 2007 • 14 Comments

Ok, tonights episode was pretty amazing. First and foremost though, Lost never answers questions and yet they tell us straight out that Juliet is a plant and something will happen in a week. WHY? Now, moving on to the episode. First of all, how come there can be no pregnant women, and yet Ben, and Alex, were born on the island, and Ben said to Locke that he was born there and most of his people can’t say that. Is that what caused Rousseau to think they were all sick and kill them, her own hallucinations? So there must have been birth before, did something happen recently that stopped it? Next question, who went into the camp and infected Claire within the last couple days? Is there a Lostie that really is on the Others side? A few other things we learn tonight, Richard was off the island, so if we think that Locke’s dad is real, he may get him then before  he heads back. Also, Mikhail said he had already gotten information on some of the people on the plane, who (probably not important, but it may show some were “meant” to be on the plane, such as a control like Claire)? Why did Juliet know about Sayid and Sawyer? This may seem like a dumb question, but it seemed she had enough other things going on than to deal with reading up on their files. She always acts like she doesn’t want to be part of the Others, and yet she is taking time to learn about the Losties. If you want to trust her, it may be so she can find who would be her best chances for helping her to get off the island. If not, it may be that she turned her perspective around when she saw her sister was fine, and really does want to help the Others. Once again, Ben made a point that he doesn’t lie. Did Ben’s comment about Jacob curing Rachel mean that he is not on the island. That is what it would seem like to me. And does Locke know about the trick with leaving behind Juliet? Oh, so much…I will think on this and write more soon. Contribute any ideas or questions you may have!

DHARMA theory

•April 10, 2007 • 3 Comments

 Below is an interesting comment from writer Jeff Jensen about last week’s episode:

“Kate’s story echoed Mr. Eko’s, which would have made her Monster bait, if not for two things: 1. Fortunately, as the flashback revealed, her mother had already confronted her about her self-righteous narcissism, so the lessons had already been implanted. 2. The experience of being tethered to Juliet helped to activate those lessons and make them real. For during her dark night of the soul, Kate was made to understand, in a personal way, how her allegedly altruistic actions could be compromised by selfishness and have painful, destructive consequences. It was this that allowed her to apologize to Jack at the end of the episode for sabotaging his escape and denying him a chance at happiness. This is very similar to the growth of character we saw in Jack during the season premiere, when he finally took responsibility for his failed marriage and found himself capable of hoping for happiness for the wife who betrayed him.

All of this was mirrored in a much more lighthearted manner in the secondary story line, in which Hurley pulled a scam on Sawyer — tricking him into thinking that the beach community was on the verge of sending him to Exile Island (or at least just a ways down the shore).

Of course, what I also loved about the Sawyer story line was this: It was a joke that disguised a giant clue! An elaborate scheme designed to promote human decency — that’s the Dharma Initiative! That’s the whole ”Dharma was trying to harness the power of the Island to bring enlightenment to the masses!” theory!”

This goes along well with the good versus bad, and how everyone comes to an epiphany about themself and it changes them. Even, as much as I hate him, Locke came to realize, through Mikhail’s comments, that he is too angry. I think what he said was interesting about why Kate didn’t get killed by the monster, she came to accept responsibility for her actions. However, I think that Eko did also, so I don’t know how much I agree, I am still thinking about it… Anyway, I wanted to see what you thought of the reasons that DHARMA was there, if it is to improve society or not. If so, why is Ben so manipulative, I don’t see that as an improvement! It does fit in with what they keep saying about not being killers and being good people…Ideas anyone?

Good news

•April 9, 2007 • 2 Comments

So I was looking and the finale will be Ben centric (despite recent postings it would be Jack). The episode after my birthday (gifts are welcome) will be DHARMA Centric – I am super excited. For some of you, you know who I am talking to, we should finally get answers.