The end (from the beginning)

What can I say, I already used the episode title! Well, that was a great start to the season. Let’s begin with the end…or the flashbacks. So Hurley wants everyone to think he is going crazy because he is hiding something. For sure, he (and the rest of the Oceanic six) are hiding what happened on the island. Remember that he lied about not knowing Butch (aka Anna Lucia). Oh, so you know, the Oceanic six (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Jin). Anyway, I think that something happened to a bunch of them who followed Locke, like with the Others. One idea would be that Ben lies to the rescue people about their connection with the original Dharma. Or the Others simply captured them or something. Anyway, obviously he freaked when the “Lawyer from Oceanic” asked if they were still alive. Also, it would make sense why Charlie said he had to help them. I liked when Jack came and said they would never go back, and Hurley wants to and knows they have to. So, the question is, what happened between then and when Jack is on the bridge to kill himself that would make Jack go crazy and want to go back? My theory, still under development, is that Jack sees his dad like Hurley sees Charlie. Then his ranting about his father might make sense. And what if Kate decides to go back after seeing Jack at the airport when she sees Sawyer (both Katie and I think Sawyer is going to die).

Ok, so on to the normal time. That was really sad when they all find out about Charlie. Ben was funny sarcastic. Jack almost killed Locke! On to Hurley and the cabin. I think he did stumble on it the first time. It looked like the same kind of area where Locke was when he found it. The guy in the chair looked to me like he had a suit on. I looked a little, and there was a post of a screen shot that showed Jack’s dad sitting in the chair. I need to find it again and post the link. I have no idea about the eye though…or why the cabin suddenly moved. Moving on to the boat, I still don’t understand why Naomi would lie to them. Obviously they really want on that island and she didn’t want to say anything that might make them not land. I don’t get why it was so important for her to say bye to her sister either, enough that she would crawl away to get the phone back later…Anyway, I can’t remember what else I was going to write. Katie thinks it may be important they are by the cockpit, we will see. Well, write comments and I will write more when I remember what else I was going to say! See you all next week, Namaste!


~ by lostamber on February 1, 2008.

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  1. Here is what I found on a blog by Dark UFO when I was looking for the screen shot, it is a really interesting theory:

    One Radio, Two Frequencies?
    Listen closely to the satellite radio transmissions again, because something really didn’t jive for me. First, you have ‘George’ – he sounds like a Friday morning DJ on his 7th cup of coffee. The guy is just wayyyy too chipper. He asks for Naomi and Jack lies to him.
    The second transmission is answered by Kate. No morning DJ voice… this one is way more sinister and downright evil. “Who’s this?” and “Where’s Jack?” – it doesn’t sound anything like George and there’s no mention of Naomi. By the third call, chipper George is back and looking for Naomi again. He also mentions he needs a frequency change in order to find their position. Which leaves a couple of questions:

    First, who was the evil voice in that second call? It came through more garbled than the other two, and in a much more ominous, rainy, whispery-type of otherworldly talk. Second, what happened to the radio that the frequency was changed? Jack didn’t change it, and I’m pretty sure Kate didn’t… although why she lifted the radio from Jack in the first place still seems 100% mystery to me. I think this is a BIG question.

    Even weirder, Naomi lies right before she expires in order to protect Kate and company. In the end, I got the feeling Naomi’s intentions were good. If the rescuers really do turn out to be as bad as they’re currently being built up, I think maybe Naomi was kept out of the loop when it came to their true agenda. Or maybe Naomi’s people (1st and 3rd transmission?) aren’t exactly the same people who show up in helicopters next episode (2nd transmission?) Just a thought.

    The Smoke Monster
    The smoke monster made a big appearance this episode, and I’m going to tell you where to look for it. It floats out the door of the mental ward. The smoke monster this episode was Matthew Abbadon.

    That whole scene was a total creepfest. From start to finish, you knew the guy was totally OFF. Think back to the episode where Mr. Eko died – think back to his last visions of Yemi. Remember that moment? The moment where Eko realized he wasn’t really looking at his brother? Abbadon had that same look. That same startling, bug-eyed, blood-chilling ‘Yemi-stare’. “Are they still alive?” – he says it with the same toneless inflection as Yemi asking Eko to beg forgiveness. His look is just nuts.

    If you don’t believe me, watch as he leaves through the door. You never see him exit, you only see a shadow. A shadow that dissipates from left to right, disappearing through the doorway in much the same way the smoke monster moves.

    Uncle Jacob’s Cabin
    I was probably not the only one excited to see Crazy Jacob’s haunted cabin pop up again this episode. This time Hurley stumbles across it, although of course he doesn’t stumble across it at all. “Jacob is not a man you go to see – you are summoned by him”. For some reason this episode, Jacob wants an audience with Hurley.

    Now like everyone else I went back and freeze-framed the dude in the chair, and there’s no doubt that this time (at least for a second or two) it’s Jack’s dad. I say ‘this time’ because I tend to think the person stuck in that chair is many people all at once, or perhaps might only exist in the eye of the beholder. This makes absolutely no sense because as far as I know, Hurley has never seen Christian Shepard. His mind would have no reason to ‘see’ him that way. The eye in the window… I’m pretty sure it’s the same eye we saw from last season, which was a closeup of Jacob himself. I do not think it was Locke.

    As Hurley runs from Jacob’s cabin, it appears ahead of him again – only this time, the door swings open invitingly. This is reminiscent of Desmond’s description of how he tried to leave the island in his boat, only to be returned to shore again and again no matter which direction he sailed. What’s interesting here is how Hurley can break the island’s cycle of events by willing something his way. After repeating “There’s nothing here” a few times, the cabin is gone. Later on in the episode Hurley counts to five and gets rid of Charlie’s ghost exactly the same way. Perhaps his faith is growing, even if he doesn’t realize it just yet.

    More importantly, why does Jacob seek an audience with Hurley? It could be because Hurley is one of the few constants the island can’t touch. At least twice, Hurley has stated “I’m not supposed to be here”. In Locke’s sweat-tent dream vision Hurley is the only 815’er not making his way on board the plane. In season one he arrives at the gate and the stewardess says “I don’t think you’re supposed to make this flight, hon”.

  2. OK, I am a LOST freak. My roommate and I were looking and talking and found the commercial from Oceanic Air last night. It was ok, but said to go to their Web site. I did and found this hidden code:
    If anyone should find this message, please get word I’m alive and stranded on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. Please send help soon. Things are bad. And they’re getting worse…
    I survived a horrific plane crash and am stranded on an island somewhere Northeast of Australia and Southwest of Hawaii. In the event that I am never found, please forward word of my fate to my parents.

    Not too important, but kind of fun. Anyway John, my homework for the week is done!

  3. Okay. It’s been just a little bit… Here’s one of my big questions: when do the flash forwards happen. Are they happening far in the future after the series has ended, or are these flashes something that we will see again later in season 6 or something? Is the show going to catch up to itself? That would be an interesting twist to the show if they got off the island and then go back.

    Also, I love what DarkUFO said about “you not going to see Jacob, he summons you.” That is very very interesting. Bryan and I did go and find the screen shot of who was sitting in the chair and it was Jack’s dad. It was very clear that it was his dad. we also found a screen shot of the eye in the cabin and Jacobs eye from last season. They do look very much like the same eye. I also wonder if Locke, after he got out of the pit after Ben shot him, went to see Jacob or had some spiritual moment with the island? Also, is Jacob the same power as the island or does he just understand the island? Because really, the island could have some power that Ben doesn’t understand but Jacob does, but Jacob’s nothing more than just a regular guy who understand it.

    Also, while I am thinking about it. Walt came and got Locke out of the pit, is Walt back on the island or is that an imagination? they do say that Desmond left the island and it didn’t matter which way he went, he always went back. Was it the same for Walt and Michael?

    I can’t think of anything else right now. Bryan and I talked a bunch about it on Saturday (I should have written then) but now I don’t remember. Oh well. We’ll see what happens next week. See ya later!

  4. Can’t believe the show is over! Sad. This is my old blog, but I don’t remember the password. 😦

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