Been awhile

First of all, everyone should go on and listen to the special podcast. It will announce that, finally, Mikhail is DEAD!

Ok, here are the top five questions for the next season:
1. Who is on the boat? (my theory is Dharma trying to regain control of the island)
2. Who is Jacob and what power does he have?
3. What happens to dead bodies, like Jack’s dad and Yemi? The monster?
4. What happened with Richard and the original hostiles, who are they, are they connected to Adam and Eve?
5. What is Penny’s role?

Umm, that is all I can think of right now, I know that I have a ton more though! Can’t wait ’til February!


~ by lostamber on October 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Been awhile”

  1. Amber, I like your Top 5. My question, the bog one, is where is Michael and where did he go?

    I think he might have been on the boat. But I really like the questions that Amber poses. Yay for February!

  2. Yay for dead Mikhail! I know I’m evil.
    1. I think it’s Dharma on the boat, too. How else would they know to be looking for it?
    2. Obviously not a great power, if Ben is enslaving him.
    3. The whole dead people aspect of this show throws me for a loop. No idea.
    4. No idea
    5. I think Penny will be the one to find them- the one who will send a real boat of her own to rescue them. How the heck else would she be able to send a signal that Charlie sees?

  3. We just finished watching Season 3 over again and now I am so so so so so excited for Season 4! Wa hoo!

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