Fahrenheit 451

So can I say that I just finished the book again (so good, a must read) and I thought about Lost because they said in the book about the future of this country that everyone was moving toward just wanting excitement and stupid, dumbed down shows that just made them laugh. Anyway, I was thinking Lost is a total reaction against this because it brings in so much philosophy and literature that you really have to think about it. So I appreciate that. Just a final comment on Lost before we begin the LONG wait until it begins again.


~ by lostamber on May 29, 2007.

7 Responses to “Fahrenheit 451”

  1. I love that you connect things like that from literature to Lost. It makes me laugh.

  2. I agree. Makes my day. It is a great book. I need to reread it. It’s true. So would the Dharmae Initiative be going against everything the world was trying to initiate? I just keep remembering that time Sawyer tried making a joke about the Brady Bunch to Carl and he was like, “What?” Ha ha ha.

  3. Makes me wonder how long Carl had been on the island. I mean, we learned that Ben was old enough when he went on the island that he would have watched shows like that, but Carl wasn’t? Hmm… Maybe he, like Alex, was born on the island. Do we know who his parents are?

  4. No we don’t know his parents. which is a good point. Maybe that is important as to why he is an outcast, besides just what Alex said. And doesn’t it seem odd only he and Alex are teenagers…

  5. yeah, I think that’s odd. I think he’s going to come into play some more in the next season. And why was he in the cage. Did they ever say why he was there? I remember they mentioning it….

  6. Well, Ben said it was so he didn’t get Alex pregnant. I don’t think that is the reason though, Ben would have known that he would go in hiding and Alex could find him anyway, so…

  7. Here’s a new lost story….

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