The looking glass

OH MY GOODNESS!!! So, that was a great episode wasn’t it?!? Ok, I am so sad that Charlie died, but he died a hero, that is great! I felt bad for Desmond, but I am so glad that Charlie saved him. And I hate Mikhail, what is up with that guy. They need to seriously get rid of him. Why does he still do what Ben said? The station still works under water, that’s what the girls said about it, so why flood it? Just because he hates Charlie and was supposed to kill him too. I hope Desmond makes it out ok. So on to Ben, why did he tell the truth at that point, he had to have known that Jack would not believe him. And what kind of truth was it, Jack appears to be the only one messed up once they are off the island, so maybe it is good for everyone. I think it is interesting that Ben said to him that there was nothing for him off  the island. On that note, I wonder who died. We were thinking it was Locke, but what if it was Ben and Jack wanted to kill himself because now he knew there was no way back to the island. Poor Jack, that was so depressing off the island. Do you think Kate is with Sawyer, she said that ‘he’ would wonder where she was? So Jack is a hero, but has become obsessed with drugs and alcohol. Why did he keep mentioning his dad though, is he just dillusional or what? Next, I don’t get Sawyer, I hate that Locke ruined him and now he is angry and gunhappy again, I don’t think he should have shot Tom, although it was pointed out that Tom was actually for killing Sayid and co. Oh, happy parts…Alex and her mom met, Bernard and Jin are still alive, Hurley saved the day, Jack told Kate he loved her. I guess that evened out the depressing parts. I just don’t get Jack, I keep coming back to that. Why does he want to get back to the island so much? Because there he was a leader? Maybe something happens to someone he loves and was trying to take care of? What is going to happen after this, how are they going to have three more seasons? Can I say that I do like that Locke did not shoot Jack, although I hoped he would have shot the phone out of Jack’s hand. And how did Locke know? Did Walt tell him? How did Walt know to help John, did Jacob send him? So many questions, I need to think a lot more and I will write more soon.


~ by lostamber on May 23, 2007.

23 Responses to “The looking glass”

  1. I enjoyed the episode, except I was disappointed that Charlie died–though he did it having cleansed himself of his former life, like many others who died before him.

    It was also sad (and a nice twist) that Jack’s life seems to have fallen apart a bit (though that could change).

    I knew Locke wasn’t dead, and he seems to know quite a bit. I also think that the Survivors and the Others are in a time-warp-type-thingy. If that wasn’t the case, how come no one else has aged a day yet Walt looked like he was 25?

    I kid because I care.

  2. One more thing….I like the song “Make Your Own Kind of Music”, the song Des played at the start of season 2. It’s the perfect song for the whole series, specifically toward Charlie, who Desmond saw in a flash—yet I don’t think Charlie had to do what he did; he chose to do it.

    Have I mentioned that Desmond is probably my favorite character?

  3. anybody can tell me why mickael never dies??? he passed the sonicbarrer and takes with a harp… and never dies always stay cool

  4. Here’s a theory of mine. I think that Walt was a manifestation of Jacob. I think that Jacob is trying to get Locke to step up as the leader as Ben seems to be faltering. (ie: when the prophet leads people astray, get rid of him). That’s why he said, “Help me” to John.

    And, I hate Ben. I would have felt better if Jack killed him on the spot. Having him around makes me creeped out. I think Ben is the person who died in the flash-forward. Because the funeral home guy said, “Friend or Family?” And Jack said “neither.” Not that that wouldn’t apply to others. It seems that it will be something pretty important in the upcoming seasons….

    Oh yeah, and I just want to say that last week was the FIRST TIME that I had a correct prediction about the show. ie: Desmond being there for the Charlie incident.

    Oh yes, I’m sick of Mickael coming back to life.

    What an awesome episode. I can’t stop thinking about it.

  5. I think that Charlie had to die, if he had left the room , Desmond would have run in and died. I think Desmond is my favorite character, so I am glad he is alive and that he and Penny did get a quick glimpse of each other. I too think Mikhail needs to die! For good! What is up with that guy. Oh, and I retract what I said about it being Ben that died. I looked on that one guys blog who always had screen caps, like the one of Jacob, and there was a pic of the newspaper clipping. It said “A man named J” (then either an o or a) then the paper was bent, then “atham was found dead” then something about Queens Ave. So I think it might be Jacob that died, which would also go with the theory that Jack is depressed because his chance to get back to the island is gone.
    Oh, I think that Naomi was part of Dharma. I think they have been trying to get back since the purge, which Ben would have blocked the signal shortly after and that is why they could probably never find the island. That is also why Ben called them the bad guys. I told Kadie about this earlier, and she said that means the survivors are in trouble because Naomi is dead and can’t tell them that the survivors aren’t part of the hostiles. Anyway, that’s my idea – people on the boat=Dharma. Oh, one last thing, how did Mikhail still get to communicate and gather info on them when communication is blocked? I don’t get what is blocked and what isn’t. Obviously Rousseau’s and Penny’s were…

  6. Four things: 1. Will everyone stop bellyaching about Locke now? He actually saved the day. Partially. Actually, he killed a semi-innocent woman and still didn’t stop Jack from talking on the satellite phone. Oh well. At least he stopped Naomi.

    2. Why did Charlie choose to die? Lame! He could’ve locked that door from the outside, grabbed the diving gear and gotten out of there with Desmond! His contract probably ran out for the show and they were like, “Shoot! How do we kill him?” One of my friends said it was “poetic” but I just think it was lame.

    3.Mikhail is like Rasputin from the Anastasia story. They shot him a bunch of times, poisoned him and threw him in the river in a sack. He died of pneumonia. He just creeps me out. I guess they both do. They just need to fill his body full of lead, until they’re sure he’s dead. Or SOMEthing.

    4. Jack finally realized that three lives aren’t worth losing the chance of getting everyone off the island! I was like, “Don’t give in!” and he didn’t! I was so happy. Also, I was angry at Bernard for ratting about where the Losties were heading. He could’ve lied. Lame. He didn’t realize that one life isn’t worth 40some odd lives. Especially his own wife!

    P.S. Was that flashforward something that WILL happen or COULD? Remember, only fools are enslaved by time and space…I told that to some of my friends that I watch Lost with here in Utah, and they were like, “Where did that come from?” and I told them the whole story. I got a great look in return. Something like, “Woh. They’re obsessed.” Way to go Amber! 🙂

  7. What a rollercoaster that episode was! I don’t even know what to say … except that I’m really angry! My tape cut out right before the end again! I got most of the Jack/Kate encounter, but still. At first i couldn’t even figure out what was going on there. I don’t know how I feel about that. I hope they are not confined to that ending. I hope its like one of the time travel movies where you can change the future, otherwise its depressing. But there is hope! Because of Charlie, Desmond knows that its not Penny’s boat so maybe he can warn them and prevent something bad from happening. I just really don’t want Jack to turn out drunk and addicted to drugs. I finally started to like him again this episode. Hmm… what else? Hurley saved the day! I was so happy. I knew they couldn’t just kill off three main (well … semi-main) characters just like that without warning and one of them Saaid! Oh well… it seems like half the Others were killed during this episode (including Mikhail again … haha) but apparently they have new worries ahead. My first reaction was also that they were from Dharma or else why would Ben be so afraid? Ok, thats all for now.

  8. Since there are two Johns that log on, I am now to be known as John-a-rama.

    I think it will be a pizza place I open in the near future.

    Generally, I don’t really spend all that much time thinking about Lost after the fact. But in this case, being the season finale and I have to wait until September, I think a lot about it.

    I’m still disappointed Charlie is gone. But I was thinking about how Walt appeared to Saaid and Shannon, but while he was captured by the Others. I wonder if his reappearing has anything to do with his being on the island or not. Did Michael and Walt really escape?

    I thought this because of Ben’s fierce efforts to keep EVERYONE either on the island, or dead–and when we all used to think Ben was honest (though a sociopath), he has shown himself to be a big liar. With a bloody lip.

    I also think that, just like their pasts, the futures can change. I’m not sold on the fact that Jack turns out to be a sucidal drunk.

    I think the person in the casket was from the island based on Kate saying, “Why would I go to his funeral?”—or something like that. I also think they guy who “would be wondering where [she was]” is someone both Jack and Kate know–I’ve never foreseen anything lasting coming from a Jack/Kate relationship.

    I miss you guys.

  9. I just wanted to let everyone know, that I have now watched the very end of the episode on Youtube. I know you were all worried about me. And I would definately visit John-a-rama for pizza. Do you think I could get some kind of discount for being friends with the founder?

  10. whoa, two Johns…
    Jade, I am so glad you got to see the end! I think it is what could happen, there is no way they would tell us that if it is for sure because then there is no hope or question in what will happen for the rest of the show.
    Amy, there was an interview (ok, I did a little homework after this episode, John, but only 30 min, not 2 hours) and they had it planned from awhile ago, almost the beginning of Desmond’s flashbacks, because they wanted him to die as a hero in everyone’s eyes.

  11. I think it is very sad that charlie died, but what is more sad is that clair doesn’t know… Katie thinks that hurley will take over and take care of aaron and clair which makes sense and i agree. But my mom was watching an interview (possibly the same interview as amber) but Charlie said he wanted off the show, not because he didn’t enjoy it, but because he wanted to do different things… hmm sad still though.

    But i kinda feel bad for Tom, as stupid as this sounds, but it kinda seemed like he didn’t want to kill sayid, jin and bernard. So it is too bad that he is dead because he began to question ben which means he could have helped fight against ben!

  12. Wow. So much to say. First of all, Amber and I ran into each other on campus yesterday and talked about all the different theories, but now I’m even more confused and unsure than before. So, first of all, like everyone else said: I’m so sad that Charlie is dead. Actually Ryan is really ticked off about it because Charlie was his favorite character. After Charlie died he was like, “I’m never watching this again.” Yah right: he couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards. hahaha. But I think the reason he did it was because he really believed so much in Desmond’s visions that he thought he had to do it for them to get rescued. And he wanted to save Desmond. But I was glad he told Desmond that it wasn’t Penny’s boat before he died. Poor Claire… but as Amber told me, the physic did say that she had to raise Aaron on her own.

    So John Gagnon: I totally didn’t even think about the time warp thing until I read what you said and I think it makes so much sense! It would go right along with “Only fools are enslaved by time and space.” The island isn’t enslaved by time… SO maybe when they go back to the real world, like in the flashback, it is YEARS down the road when they’ve only been on the island for like 90 days or whatever. Just a theory.

    And yes, I totally agree that it’s lame that Mikail is invincible or something. When he “came back to life” this time (after leaving a very large pool of blood from a spear to the heart… give me a break that someone would still be alive after that), I was like, oh please just kill him. But Amy, I would say the whole “fill him full of lead” thing is a little much. 😀

    Uhhh, what else. I had so much to say before. OH! So I told Amber this, but I think the “he” that Kate was referring to wasn’t Sawyer or someone from the island. I think that it was Kate’s parole officer or something. I mean, it’s not like they would just pardon her when she got back. So maybe she has a parole officer and she’s out of her zone. That makes sense to me. And I agree with Amber that the guy who is dead is Jacob. I think that the next couple of seasons are going to be about freeing Jacob, trying to get saved still (because I don’t think the guys on the phone are really good… the last 3 seasons couldn’t be the Losties off the island), and I think Ben is going to die before they get off the island. So he couldn’t be the person in the casket. I think he’d rather die than leave the island and do you really think Jack would let him live still?

    I want the Others to realize that Ben is a liar and is bad. It’s so annoying that they follow him when they were the ones around in the first place. Anyways, this is really long and I should get back to work. I do have to say though that I loved it when Hurley saved the day and I loved it when Juliet pulled Sawyer’s chain by saying, “For the aliens.” That was funny. But I was shocked that she was actually good… I was so convinced that she was backstabbing everyone. (Who knows… maybe she still will in the next seasons.) Great season! And I miss you all!

  13. Its been almost a week and I haven’t written anything, I feel like such a slacker blogger. But I do have to say that it was an amazing episode. I loved it! But oh, so many questions. You just gotta love LOST. So does the new season start again in January? Is that what they decided. Okay, so Kate and Jack at the end. There can’t be any way that Kate didn’t go to jail after they got back off the island. So was she on the run when she saw Jack? I think the “he” she was talking about had to be Sawyer. and I think that because Jack finally told her that he loved her, but since they are not together, she had to of picked Sawyer and that’s why it was weird that he called her. Anyway. I’m glad that Charlie died as a hero. That was excellent. So sad that he died. But he was a hero.

    What are we all going to do now that Lost is done for the Summer well, for quite a while actually. So I was thinking that we need something to do so that we can keep in touch and find out how everyone is doing. Visit this site and we can still be friends:

    I love and miss you all!

  14. That last comment was actually by me. Katie Phelps.

  15. Um…who’s the other John?

  16. Katie, i could have guessed. It is actually supposed to start in the beginning of February, I believe. So sad, how can we wait that long?!

  17. What? I’m not the other John. I think the other John is just John.

  18. no, I meant for Scrollies of the past!


  20. Katie, I tried to write a comment on the beyondscroll blog and it kept saying there was an error. I’ll try again later. Maybe it’s the internet here at work. I dunno.

  21. Oh, and the whole time I was like, “Jack! Shave the dang beard off!” I just wanted to take a razor to it too many times to count…

  22. I wanted the beard gone too. he looked like a lumber Jack.

  23. Ha ha ha ha…true dat. I don’t know if I like Jack not in the Savior role. He was a scary dependent person. Oxycontin? Really?

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