greatest hits

So tonights episode was kind of sad, but great. Charlie is such a good guy … let’s discuss the issues at hand with him first. Why was Desmond not in the flashback? I think it was just a different day, but it could also be the ‘alternate time line’ theory. What if there is an alternate timeline where they do die and Charlie has a new album and is a hero and all that, and Naomi just got into the other timeline after crashing. Maybe the sky turning purple opened up the other timeline, as that was when Desmond had his flashes. ok, I don’t know what else to say about all of that, I will think more.

On to the Others. Ben is mad, and the Others are obviously severely questioning him. I am glad Alex went and got Karl. Did it seem like Karl knew Ben wasn’t her father when she said that, maybe they all know but her. Why is Ben so set on getting the women? I think that is my main question, why is that so important. They are willing to grab all the women and ‘sort them out later’? I am just wondering the importance, it seems that even they can’t have children, so why? Ideas?

p.s. I am glad they are using Rousseau, she needs friends! I will keep thinking and add more soon! See you next week for what looks like a GREAT season finale.


~ by lostamber on May 16, 2007.

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  1. Oh man … that WAS a sad episode. I’m so glad that Charlies not dead … yet. I have no idea what Jack’s deal is. Also i don’t really have any theories. I’m not sure what is going on because it seems like we are on the brink of being rescued or solving something but there are now two more seasons for sure right? So what is going to happen to stretch this out over two seasons? Oh well. All I can do is repeat that Saaid is my hero – didn’t you all see him put Jack in his place? haha

  2. Well I didn’t really understand what you were saying with the timeline stuff… but this is my theory… It didn’t show the flashback right… well how do we know that it wasn’t Desmond flipping the switch. Charlie knows that Desmond has these flashbacks and for the most part, Charlie always ends up dying… so what if this time it wasn’t Charlie dying and it really was Desmond. It took Desmond a really long time to tell Charlie how it happened almost like he had to think about it for a long time, how do we know that Charlie wasn’t getting on that helicopter. I know this is a little farfetched, but it kinda makes sense, because Desmond went on this noble kick trying to ‘save’ Charlie… If Desmond saw himself die, that means that he would not get to see penny again and if Charlie just asumes that he dies in Desmond’s vision then it would make total sense… it is an escape for Desmond…

    Oh and another thing… so the hatch that charlie went into… how do we know that is the right hatch. I kinda wonder if the people in the hatch that Charlie went into were the others or if they were people working for Penny… I just find it hard to believe that the people in there would be the others. I Don’t know… I could be wrong but well it just seems a little strange…

  3. Actually, I was wondering… where did that Sargent lady go? The one who was there when Juliet went on trial? Maybe she’s in the Looking Glass hatch. Just a thought. I agree with Jade though… It seems like they are tying up the loose ends, but there is still 2 more seasons. I’m sure something will happen in the season finale that will leave enough mystery for a while more. Maybe Desmond’s flashback isn’t going to happen for a long time from now. He said himself that he doesn’t know when it comes true. It’s so funny… Ryan is totally hooked. He even ponders if after the episode like we do now. Like last night an hour after the show he was like, “Juliet is so bad. I just know it. I bet she knew there were people in the Looking Glass.” As for the season finale… I’m interested in seeing why Desmond goes down into the Looking Glass when he didn’t expect Charlie to come back up anyways. Do you think he has another flashback… this time of Charlie dying a different way, so he knows something is wrong? YAY! 2 hours next week! Are you guys going to watch the producers thing tonight? I think Ryan and I are going to! 😀

  4. So it just deleted what I said, let me see if I remember it all. Melanie, I like your idea. I think that Desmond waited because if Charlie died than he has no purpose. The lady told him his purpose in life is to push the button. Saving Charlie has become pushing the button in a sense. I think that is what he is worried about, and that he knows Charlie loves Claire and he wants there to be another way out of the situation than him dying. he wants it to work out for Charlie and Claire as it appears it didn’t for he and Penny. I think that it was weird the way that he said Charlie would die, so I don’t know if that is true, but I trust Desmond. I think he was also trying to fit together the pieces of the puzzle, which is why he took so long.
    Oh, and I don’t trust Juliet either. Something about her… It has to be a Dharma hatch, or used to be, because of the map that Sayid had with the information about it and how to get there. I am sure it is the Others down there, and I think Juliet lied also.
    Tell us if we missed anything interesting tonight. Oh, there are three more seasons which will run January thru May with 16 episodes each. They had an article up on ABC about it. But I am excited because they said the story is perfect for that and will not get lame and because we don’t have to wait that long to get important answers.

  5. So the thing I want to say be ore anything else is: I totally cried through almost the whole episode. (My button that is between the d and the g on my keyboard doesn’t work…so when things are weird, just be patient with me.)

    So I agree with everyone. I don’t think Juliet is being completely honest with all o them. She wants to get home too much to be de ying Ben. The question is though…did the others know that there were people down there? Did they know that Desmond was still in his hatch. I they knew that people were living in those hatches, then why when they killed all the other Dharma people, they didn’t kill the people in the hatches as well. So I’m not totally sure that she knew there are people down there. It just seems way too weird. And why are all the people down there girls? Bryan’s theory is: these women aren’t ON the island they are just off (oh, the F works, you just have to push down really really hard and or a long time) the shore o the island. So maybe the reason they are all girls is because they can have babies down there. The Dharma people had to have babies somewhere. Have any o you ever read the book Anthem? In that book they had one house where babies were made and that was the only place it could happen. At least I think it was that book (it was a totally weird book). What about the smaller island with the cages? Can they get pregnant there? That’s where Kate and Sawyer did stuff.

    Amber, we just got done watching the Answers thing and you didn’t miss much. It was okay, but just a recap. My brother is playing on Jimmy Kimmle Live tonight. Just in case you guys were wondering.

    Mel’s idea was an interesting idea. I don’t think that those people in the hatch are working with Penny though. (Holy cow. Some girl in Illionis hasn’t missed a single day o school since she was three… and now she’s graduating rom high school. (I’m watching the news)). Its interesting though to think that it might have been him that would die. Up to this point every time Desmond has had a vision that Charlie would die, he’s done the thing that would have killed Charlie (saving Clair, getting the bird) so maybe he didn’t see himsel and just wanted Charlie to do it, but that he realized that he could do it, save the island and not have to let Charlie die.

    So if Jack and Kate get together in the end, I’ll be ticked, because I like Sawyer and if she’s just using him because she can’t have Jack…that’s dumb.

    Anyway, I have more to say, but my computer battery is going to die, so I’ll write more later. Next week is going to be awesome.

    (Amber, my post has done that before where it just doesn’t post…it’s weird. Every few minutes I copy it all, just in case.)

  6. It seems to me (though my memory isn’t all that good) that Desmond has flashes from his own perspective. You know, he sees them from his own eyes. So I think that Desmond is somehow going to end up in that underwater hatch (because he saw what would happen to Charlie), but maybe I’m forgetting some important detail. Probably.

    Moreover, I’m glad to see that Jack’s hair is FINALLY growing. 🙂

  7. I just wanted to say that this blog makes me really happy. Even if I don’t ACTUALLY know what’s going on in all of your lives since i last saw you, at least I know that you are all still watching Lost and we are still Lost friends! haha. Oh and Kadie, I am glad that Ryan is hooked as well. So is my mom (well she always was a Lost fan) but now she always asks “so what do your friends have to say about Lost?” Well, I guess that is all I have to say, except that my manager at work scheduled me to close next Wednesday which means I am going to miss the finale!! I am rather angry, but I guess I can tape it.

  8. Friends: I like what Nick said, because I never thought about it–but he seems correct in his reckoning toward Desmond.

    Also, I’ve been doing a blog at I doni’t update very often, but it keeps me writing–even if it is a bit shoddy.

  9. I am glad that we can stay lost friends also! I am so excited for tomorrow!

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