The Brig

Ok, so this episode had a ton. First of all, can I just repeat that I hate Locke? If you liked him before, let me remind you he is now just as manipulative as the Others. So while we are on that, Cooper said he got there after hitting a guard rail in his car and being taken out on a gurney. Obviously that was either when the Others came to get him or he was magically brought to the island. But if Cooper was so set on it being purgatory and tried to tell Locke that “you still don’t know where we are,” why were the Others so quick to shut the door and keep Locke from hearing. We know that it is not purgatory.  Also, about his dad getting there. Obviously Sawyer has been thinking about it a lot too, he always had the letter with him, even to go to the bathroom, so did they both get him to the island? On that note, I thought it was horrible what Locke did, you could really tell that Sawyer was trying to change.

Ok, other things. Why did Rousseau need dynamite? Come to think of it, where has Alex gone off too, we didn’t see her last night with all the Others. She probably just wasn’t shown, but it may be important in connection with Rousseau. And what are Juliet and Jack not telling Kate? It seemed to be brought up when she was talking about the boat 80 miles off shore, so is it about the Others’ giant boat or something else about them getting off the island. Does Jack know Juliet is a plant (Ben told Locke and he could have gone and told them, and now Sawyer knows)? I don’t think it is about her maybe being pregnant, because that is an awkward time to bring up if they should tell her or not. Kate kind of annoyed me in that she just went and told Jack when Juliet was right there. I know she wants to trust Jack, but why tell him then? Last thing, then I have to think some more and write later, who were the bodies in the plane wreckage. Naomi said they found bodies in there, and the whole plane, so whose bodies are they? And I wonder if the wreckage was on their original path or the one after they turned (remember the pilot said they had turned and no one would know where they actually were). Anyway, thoughts? I will try to write more soon!


~ by lostamber on May 3, 2007.

10 Responses to “The Brig”

  1. Locke is certainly not my favourite person either! I was sooo angry at him. As always he is stupid enough to believe that he is in control – his father always manipulated him – obviously he is still just playing into Ben’s plan. Does he really think that guy with the eyeliner (what is his name again?) would go behind Ben’s back to give Locke Sawyer’s file (although I’m not sure why the others would care about Sawyer …)? This episode only left me with bad feelings. I hate Locke, dislike Jack, and I’m angry with Kate. WHY? I have no idea why she would go tell Jack, especially with Juliet right there. Oh and one more thing to think about for next week’s revelation of the tape recorder: When Sawyer plays the tape, people are going to know that Sun was doubtful where her baby was conceived and with whom (uh oh .. who vs. whom … I hope thats right). Oh well. Basically I need to end with the fact that Saaid is still my FAVOURITE. You can always trust him.

  2. It’s true, good old Sayid, and Hurley! Anyway, I am mad at a lot of them now also. And something I was thinking, did it seem like Cooper was baiting them to kill him, it seemed he was going out of his way to be mean and make Locke or Sawyer snap. Oh, the guy with eyeliner is Richard – and I think that he was trying to help Locke become more manipulative and that is why they gave the file (so he would get Sawyer to do the dirty work).

  3. I totally agree with both of you about Locke… and I think he’s going to pay in the end for everything. Okay the whole purgatory thing threw me for a loop when Locke’s dad said it. Ryan is so convinced that it is purgatory but I keep reminding him that it would be a lame ending to a show and that people can die on the island. EXCEPT for Mickael though… and didn’t he say that people don’t stay dead for long on this island? So is Locke’s dad going to come back to life? I don’t know. LOST always makes me confused. I also don’t remember Kate saying anything about a boat 80 miles off shore. Did I miss it or something? I thought they meant, “should we tell her that the Others are coming for all the pregnant women?” Or maybe Ben wanted Locke to tell Sawyer that and that it’s not really true. I don’t know. I have no clue about the plane except for the theory that there were two flights and those people were supposed to be on that flight.
    Oh and also: I don’t think that everyone is going to find out that Sun didn’t think the baby was Jin’s on the tape, because I think Juliet just said that she was pregnant and she got pregnant on the island. The tape wasn’t running the whole time they did the sonogram… okay, that’s not the right word but for some reason I can’t remember it right now. Anyways! This was a crazy episode and I sure hope next week’s episode really shows what Locke sees!

  4. The producers have also repeatedly said that it is not purgatory, so I don’t know where they are headed with the show right now.

  5. I also have no idea where the show is going and didn’t enjoy last night’s episode very much. Not only is Locke’s dad awful, but Locke. At first I was like, “Yeah! He’s not going to kill his dad! What a good man.” But then he gets Sawyer to do it for him, a man I’ve been rooting for because he’s been so good and he really kind of didn’t mean to kill that one guy. This one, well, I have to agree that Cooper seemed to be baiting them. He wasn’t usually nice to Locke, unless he wanted something, though, so he could just be especially nasty. But what if Ben brought him there with the intention of showing him what the island can do and how it can bring people back to life? Interesting thought…If so, Locke’s probably going to get a surprise, carrying his dad on his back to the Others. He’d deserve it, though.

    Okay, so I was thinking about how people seem to come back alive on the island. What if they do, but since everyone that had died before Mikhail has been buried and so they stay that way? Mikhail is the only one who has died and not been buried. Am I right at least about that fact?

    I also missed the boat 80 miles offshore thing, but I think it’s possible that Jack and Juliet’s secret is that all the pregnant women are going to be kidnapped. Then why aren’t they telling anyone else on the island? Are they trying to do something else to keep everyone safe?

    The Rosseau dynamite part was extremely random. I thought she would play into setting Sawyer and Cooper free somehow, but I guess not. I wonder if Rosseau is in on the Others’ plan and is somehow preparing for it with the dynamite?

    What are the Losties going to do if they find out the pregnant women are going to be taken? Leave? Ambush the people who try to take them?

    I have to agree with Jade that Sayid has always been right so far. Weird but cool, too.

  6. I was sure that Kate said that woman, Naomi, said she had flown from a ship 80 miles off shore that could rescue them if she could just make contact again.

  7. Yeah, you are right. I believe she did. Rousseau is definately not with the others. She always works on her own. And finally, although Jack is not my favourite right now, I don’t think he would be in on a plan to kidnap the pregnant woman. He’s dumb, but I don’t think he’s working with the Others. Unless they brainwashed him in that weird room … dun dun dun…

  8. I agree with Jade. I know Jakc is an idiot right now, but I don’t think that Jack is on the inside with the Others. I thought I remember Ben and Juliet talking about the plan at the kitchen table and Jack was being fooled just as everyone else.

    But I do want to punch him.

  9. John, welcome to the blog! I just want to believe Jack is still good, but he did annoy me a lot in that episode. I can’t wait until this week’s!

  10. I feel so left out of the loop lately. I’ve been so busy at work and everything that I haven’t had a change to write back and I’m so sad. I do have quite a bit to say, but so much has already been said I don’t know what to say. I do have to admit that I’m not bugged that Sawyer killed Locke’s dad. (and I know that most of you are going to disagree with me, and that’s okay…) I am glad that Sawyer got the chance to do exactly what he has been waiting for. I don’t think it will have the effect that he wanted it to, but I am glad he got to do it so that he could accomplish what he thought he needed to, to bring him peace. (it won’t, but it needed to be done.) I also am not too upset with Locke either. Yes, he was manipulative — very manipulative and he shouldn’t have done that, but it was something that he needed to do as well. He said he was on his own journey. It’s only through him that we are going to find out more about the island, and I want to know about the island. I want to see inside it like he did, and know what it does and what cool powers it has. I am also so glad that even though he couldn’t do it himself, he got back at the guy who tried to kill him. I feel bad for him that his dad used him so many times the old man deserved it. I think that Locke needed to find a different part of him that could get past the fact that it was his father and not be used by him again (yeah, he was used by Ben and Richard, but not his dad). Oh and yes, I do think that Ben and Richard used Locke. Richard wasn’t just being nice. He was part of the whole plan. The big question is why did Ben want him to kill his dad? WHY? Okay, and right now I am totally ticked at Jack. I don’t think he’s in with juliet, but so bugged that Jack was so annoying about the whole thing. I am more bugged at Kate though. Why the heck did she tell him at all, let alone when Juliet was there. Well, I guess you kind of know why she told him, she loves him and just wants to be close to him and wants to cause a rift between Juliet and Jack and she thought that if Jack knew that people didn’t trust him because of her, he would back off… I don’t know. Anyway, Bryan is whining that I write too long, so I’m going to go now and write some more later. BYE!

    I hope that everything is going well with all of you wonderful people. We need a place that we can chat and find out how people are doing and not just lost…… We’ll think about it. (John, sorry about the Nuggets)

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