We found your plane

To start, I am so glad that it is Jin’s, NOT Michael’s! I think that I partially liked Juliet, but I still hate her. I am glad she helped, and now we know that whoever said they were interested in Kate (because of Sawyer) was right. Anyway, Mikhail is still alive…so why did he run to the flare? Apparently the Others left him behind also when they all left the barracks. And the best part, the last line! SO the Others probably planted a plane somewhere, but who were all the dead people they found? Or did they just find no bodies and assumed everyone was dead? We know they are not dead and in purgatory, so it had to be a plant, or maybe there was two flight 815 and they were selected to be on that one – remember season one finale where a bunch of them just made it on the plane. I think that is wrong, that the Others planted something somewhere…still pondering on it though. Ideas or observations?


~ by lostamber on April 26, 2007.

9 Responses to “We found your plane”

  1. They either staged another crash or there could be some weird sci-fi thing that we don’t understand about time or something else bizarre.

  2. I think the Others staged it also! Chris brought up the idea of two flights, but the more I think about it, I think that Richard, off the island filming Juliette’s sister, helped them to stage it before he came back.

  3. Okay. First of all. I don’t think that Mikhail ran to the flair. I bet what he was doing was running to see what fell from the sky. (the beeping read light as she fell). Because he showed up too quickly after Hurley let off the flare for him to be running to the flare. And did the Others even know that he was still alive? How would they have known. I am having a hard time believing that the others planted a plane after the plane had already taken off. And they didn’t know that it was happening, (when the plane went down in the first episode of the season) they weren’t ready for it. I think if they planted something, it was before the plane took off not after. So I don’t think it was Richard off the island helping them do that. The thing that I’m having a hard time thinking that they planted anything, was that they didn’t know who would survive a plane crash so they didn’t know who they would end up with. Also, didn’t we already find out that desmond basically made the plane fall? They didn’t know what the purple light was… OH. I have a theory. So women on the island die when the have babies, right… Right. But that was before the purple flash. So the whole electromagnetic thing may have been the thing that was helping to heal people, well, they let it blow up and turned the fail safe key, so maybe it isn’t working any more (why ben isn’t getting better) so maybe sun will be okay. Maybe the reason that the women died was something to do with the electromagnetic thing. oh. Because, the island cures you — well, the fact of the matter is when you get pregnant, while it is natural, the baby is still something that is not normally in your body, the island may have taken that as truely a parasite and tried to cure it and in turn it killed the person because it couldn’t cure it. Okay. That’s not a really well thought out theory, but I’ll think it out some more and make it make more sense.

    So I’m kind of sad the baby wasn’t Micheals. Dang.

    Anyway. I’ll probably write more later. ENJOY! http://www.katiephelps.com

  4. I think there are too many assumptions going on here… mainly about crazy lady falling from the sky. How do we know that she isn’t part of a big scheme of Ben’s. How do we know she isn’t trying to trick the losties into thinking they will never be rescued? Anyway, not that that is my opinion, just bringing up a possibility. Anyway, that’s about all I have to say. Liked the episode, though.

  5. I am sure that the Others know Mikhail is still alive. First of all, they have cameras everywhere. Second, Ben didn’t seem that distraught when Locke said he killed him. So I think Ben knows he is still alive.
    Oh, so I looked up what the girl said when Mikhail said she said hello. It was “I am not alone.” So I think she knows who he is, or at least that he is an Other. She is obviously lying to Hurley…ok, I think she is lying, not just disillusioned.
    Interesting Katie, wouldn’t Ben have been cured when he first got it though, as that was before the light? Was there another event that caused them to be able to get cancer when Ben was sure it was impossible?

  6. I think everyone is missing a very interesting point…I thought Mikhail died and the producers promised that anyone who died wouldn’t come back to life. Did he fake his death? Did he fake the blood coming out of his ears and mouth somehow?Does he have a twin? 😉 Just kidding on that last question.

    Juliet continues to be a marvelous character; so incredibly complex. We already knew she was working for the Others, but now it’s not all that apparent what she’s doing and how she’ll do what she’s supposed to in a week, before the Others come. So, she’s supposed to get a sample of what? From all the women? Are they all pregnant, or is she just trying to get control samples from them, since they haven’t lived on the island their whole lives?

    Planting a plane wouldn’t be so hard. Even if the Others weren’t ready for the plane to crash, they could plant one afterward, when the Coast Guard goes looking, and oh look! They found “the plane of flight 815.” Or they somehow took the plane after the Losties burned it and threw it in the ocean, where their flight pattern was. I’m guessing that when they “found” the plane, they saw a plane in the ocean and guessed everyone was dead. That’s usually what they do with plane crashes. At first, anyway.

    I don’t think the lady who fell from the sky was planted, but she’s really random. I don’t think Ben could do something that complicated, what with the red light in the sky and all. And why would he want to? Just to have someone else with the Losties? No…I think she’s legit and not Ben-planted. And why would she only have a pic of Desmond and Penny, too? Could Ben know about Penny looking for Desmond?

  7. P.S. I love how Juliet says, “I hate you” on the tape, after she’s stopped it.

  8. Ok well after Naomi’s comment, it doesn’t make much sense as to how the others could have planted the plane. They found Charlie, unless they got exact replicas of all of the people… hmmm this is getting a little strange…

  9. Unless they just speculated he was on the plane and never found the bodies. I am leaning toward the theory of two timelines, one where they crash and are found dead and one where they live. Desmond is the key, I think…

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