Caught you

So I couldn’t come up with a good title this week, sorry. How is everyone doing? Well, tonight’s wasn’t as great as last week, but still good. Let me just begin by saying I love how Penny and Desmond met, so sweet. Anyway, first thing. So I thought I saw someone in the picture on the monk’s desk, so I looked it up, and guess who it was? The lady that sold him the ring in the flash-back/forward/? before. Interesting…he didn’t see the picture, I don’t think, so how did that lady show up in the flash. Both her and the monk guided Desmond on where to go next, so that may be important. Also, what language was the book? If it was Portuguese, it would make sense because I think that is what those guys were speaking in the finale last year. So I wonder what connection that holds. Anyway, any thoughts on what would have happened had Desmond let Charlie die? I don’t think it would have been Penny, but something would have been different, I’m sure. Maybe, since Charlie is his new button, the thing that he keeps “pushing” by saving Charlie, there would have been another flash and chance to be with Penny, as before when his job pushing the button ended. Ideas?

Oh, and I still hold out that Jack is good and has a plan. I think that is why he is with Juliet all the time, to watch her and figure out how to stop whatever it is is going to happen. Anyway, that is it for now. I will think and add more later!


~ by lostamber on April 18, 2007.

9 Responses to “Caught you”

  1. Check it…

  2. Is anybody else having a hard time opening the link? I’ll write more later, because I want to say some stuff about this week’s episode for sure!

  3. I really enjoyed last night’s episode. I was going to be seriously ticked if he really did let Charlie die. But I don’t know what else to say. I have to think about it a little bit more.

  4. I am still thinking too…do you think that the puzzle was changed when he let Charlie live? And thanks for the pic. So I was thinking about Abraham and Isaac and a book by Kirkeegard that my roommate and I were reading last semester called Fear and Trembling about that story and existentialism, or free will. It is interesting that Desmond had questioned that story and the need for Abraham to be tested if God knew he wouldn’t have to go through it. Desmond on the island went through the steps that Kirkeegard discussed of looking for an alternative but ultimately recognizing that it was his choice and choosing to sacrifice his desire. Just an thought. (I still need to finish Fear and Trembling, so I don’t know if the rest connects.) Anyway, that would be another philosopher connection and connect back to Hume’s philosophy about the tension between free will and fate.

  5. Hello! That is getting pretty deep Amber, haha. I too enjoyed the episode, although I never really have any new theories to add. I did look at that Two Giant Hampsters blog and I suggest that you look at the photo of them holding the parachute. It’s pretty funny because Charlie is in the flashback as well. So whoever it is who makes that blog poses the question whether it was intentional and Desmond knew that he wasn’t going to kill Charlie, or whether it was production error and an unintentional red herring. Anyways, that is my unoriginal input. Have a good week everyone!

  6. So…it wasn’t Penny? How the shoot face did she know Desmond’s name, then? Ah, another marvelous mystery on Lost. Probably some random person Penny paid to find Desmond. The picture was to recognize him? I thought the book that they found was the one Desmond never finished in prison. Remember when he was released and he still had that one book, unopened? It could be completely off, but that’s what I thought of.

    Did it look to anyone else like that pic on the monk’s desk of him and that other lady was totally Photoshopped and didn’t look like they were both in the same place when it was taken? Weird…Okay, and that they both led him back on his “path.” But the monk guy was before he knew he had mind powers, so that’s kinda creepy.

    I’m glad Desmond didn’t let Charlie die. I also would have been super annoyed if he had. I hate that he was even toying with the idea, but I think he’s starting to believe the “everyone has a destined time when they’re going to die, and you can’t stop it from happening eventually.” So, any bets on when Charlie’s going to die? Or if he really is destined to do so? I think that lady could be playing with Desmond’s mind…

    I think Jack’s gone to the “other” side. Ha ha. Guess we’ll see, eh? Yeah, Amber usually IS right.

    4 episodes left ’til the end of the season! Then it’s back to waiting and endless theories. Joy. 😉

  7. I love this blog. Makes me feel like I’m back at Katie’s house…watchin’ it with y’all…

  8. It was Our Mutual Friend by Dickens that Desmond never read, the book in the episode was Catch 22. And I do still trust Jack and think he has a plan. Come on, it’s JACK. He’s not like Locke, who does turn to the Others…
    I am so sad it is almost over. And I do love this blog idea also!

  9. I know it’s Jack, but Jack can be too trusting, and I think he truly believes that the Others left Juliet behind. So then he wouldn’t be joining the Others. He’d be saving an outcast other. Remember that Savior complex he has?

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