One of who?

Ok, tonights episode was pretty amazing. First and foremost though, Lost never answers questions and yet they tell us straight out that Juliet is a plant and something will happen in a week. WHY? Now, moving on to the episode. First of all, how come there can be no pregnant women, and yet Ben, and Alex, were born on the island, and Ben said to Locke that he was born there and most of his people can’t say that. Is that what caused Rousseau to think they were all sick and kill them, her own hallucinations? So there must have been birth before, did something happen recently that stopped it? Next question, who went into the camp and infected Claire within the last couple days? Is there a Lostie that really is on the Others side? A few other things we learn tonight, Richard was off the island, so if we think that Locke’s dad is real, he may get him then before  he heads back. Also, Mikhail said he had already gotten information on some of the people on the plane, who (probably not important, but it may show some were “meant” to be on the plane, such as a control like Claire)? Why did Juliet know about Sayid and Sawyer? This may seem like a dumb question, but it seemed she had enough other things going on than to deal with reading up on their files. She always acts like she doesn’t want to be part of the Others, and yet she is taking time to learn about the Losties. If you want to trust her, it may be so she can find who would be her best chances for helping her to get off the island. If not, it may be that she turned her perspective around when she saw her sister was fine, and really does want to help the Others. Once again, Ben made a point that he doesn’t lie. Did Ben’s comment about Jacob curing Rachel mean that he is not on the island. That is what it would seem like to me. And does Locke know about the trick with leaving behind Juliet? Oh, so much…I will think on this and write more soon. Contribute any ideas or questions you may have!


~ by lostamber on April 11, 2007.

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  1. I thought Ben said that an implant in Claire was activated and THAT’S what made her sick. I don’t think any of the losties are completely and totally evil like that. I think they probably put it in her before she wasn’t with them anymore, just in case they ever needed to have leverage over her or the other losties.

    Dah! Juliet is evil! Or is she? But in all her flashbacks she just says that she wants to go home and I believe that she does…is there another way off the island? Is that where the Others are going and has Ben promised to let her leave that way if she gets information first? What is Juliet supposed to do with the Losties? Get information? Draw up a new list? Get those on her list to come with her? Was the mask Ben gave her to ward against the smoke bombs right before the others left, or something that will happen in a week? Will the season end then, at the end of the week? That’s my bet.

    I hope Juliet’s feelin’ nice and guilty right now. I hate her. I hope Sayid and Sawyer keep watching her closely. I can’t ever figure her out…she says she’s not an other, but she knows all about the people from the plane and can fight like a commando…

    Was the fact that Juliet was sleeping with the guy who went to get a list from the Tailies mean anything?

    I’m going to bet Locke knows nothing, even where they tell him they’re going. I bet they’re lying to him about that one. And it would kind of serve him right.

    Random thought: There is one person of each of the two parties with the other party: Locke with the Others and Juliet with the Losties…Interesting…

  2. But how did they activate it? I think that Juliet is there to get their guards down, so that whatever will happen, and it probably is the finale, will be a shock to them all. She may also be there to get a new list, see if anyone has “changed” or not. If they aren’t lying, then Locke has and is not flawed anymore. Maybe some of the rest aren’t too. And the fact it was Goodwin who went to the tailies isn’t that important, probably, since he died shortly later.

  3. Ok. So we taped the episode because my mom and I were at a play and it cut off the last few minutes of the episode! So I didn’t see that part with Juliet and Ben. So annoying…. Anyways, first thing I did was get online to see if you had posted anything, and sure enough, there it was! What would I do without you?

  4. Thanks Jade, you can count on me! You definitely need to watch online, the last few minutes are amazing.

  5. Okay so I have to admit that I hoped that Juliet wasn’t a spy because I’ve become really attached to the Juliet from her flashbacks. I feel really bad for her. BUT, the Juliet “of present day” seems like a different person, doesn’t she? Is she so set on getting off the island that it changes her and she really is like the others? I don’t know what to think. But I do agree with Amber that it seems funny that they answered a question so boldly. Weird. I can’t wait to see what happens!!!!

    P.S. Ryan is hooked now!!!! hehehe!

  6. I agree with Amber, Jade. You HAVE to go online and watch the last few minutes that your tape missed.

    So, I think that it is going to be important that Juliet was sleeping with Goodwin. Maybe not just sleeping with him, maybe there was more to it — I’m definitely thinking there was a relationship there. And it does tell us one important thing that people were speculating about…that there was something romantic between Juliet and Ben. But apparently there wasn’t. And I also think it’s important to know that she had a relationship with Goodwin because he did die. There is probably a lot of sadness there if she loved him. And Goodwin was a pretty tough fighter, maybe that’s where she learned her moves, because as we’ve said before, she was pretty meek and submissive before she came to the island. And if she did have some kind of relationship with Goodwin, she couldn’t just move on to Jack so quickly. So I think that it adds to the deceit. Besides that, it means that Jack is giving up on Kate and pushing her into Sawyers arms for someone who is lying to him and has no feelings for him at all (you can tell that he wants her to have feelings for him). Juliet seems like a person that once she loves someone she doesn’t just get over it. She holds on to it for a long time (like her ex-husband, her sister…)

    Okay, so I think that like Amy said, the Others activated whatever was in Claire. They have enough technology to plant something in her knowing that sometime later they might need it. They might even have had this plan all along. Ben and Juliet might have been working together through this whole thing (from the moment that Juliet walking into Jack’s cell, to Juliet playing that tape for him, to Jack turning the tables in the operating room to let Kate and Sawyer get away. Ben’s not dumb, he may have known exactly what Jack would do in the operating room. So this whole thing might be an elaborate plan.)

    It’s an interesting idea to think that she is there to find out if any of them have changed and are not flawed anymore. In one of the lost pod casts, the producers said that Rose and Bernard were going to come back into the picture and have a cool story line… They have both changed and become at peace with the Island… Maybe the Others will want them too. Rose did have cancer and was healed by the Island. Ben may want her for the same reasons he wants Locke.

    Okay, about the pregnant women. Ben said that he was born on the island…but he didn’t say he was conceived there. Alex wasn’t conceived there. Danielle was pregnant before she got to the island. In one of Juliet’s flashbacks she said she thought the problem was something that happened at conception. (By the way, if she knew all pregnant women died on the island she and Goodwin were probably being very careful.) Okay, so I think that Sun’s baby may become very interesting to the story line as well – once the Others find out she is pregnant (if they don’t already know) And I think this also will bring up the question of who the father of the baby is: Jin, the English teacher, or Michael. (Amber, I know that we’ve talked about Michael being the father before and you didn’t think it was possible, but I don’t know. It is Michael then there is going to be problems with the baby because conception happened on the island. If not maybe there won’t be any problems at all.)

    Also, I think that Juliet is higher up in the others that we think. I think she knew all that stuff about Sawyer and Sayid because she was supposed to read it all and find out as much as she could because she is higher up…I don’t know. Yes she wants to go home, but she is also a devoted researcher. She may be so into her research that her responsibility to that runs deeper than her desire to go home. And sometimes the one wins over the other (like when she found out about Ben’s cancer).

    Also, Richard (the recruiter) was on House once. Just a fun fact. So was Juliet – she was a nun.

    Anyway. I can’t think of anything else right now. So if I come up with something I’ll write again later. BYE

  7. Okay, I’ve looked up when Sun found out that she was pregnant. She found out on the 60th day on the island. So if she got pregnant before she came on the island, she would have known, so she had to have gotten pregnant on the island and if Juliet is correct, then Sun will probably die becuase of the baby.

  8. I think the important thing about Juliet and Goodwin is that she has changed to be manipulative and deceitful also. Remember that her husband was cheating on her in the other flashback. She would have never done that before, but now she would.
    Also, I think well of Jack. He seemed so nonchalant when she confessed handcuffing herself and lying to Kate, so I think he has a plan and is just laying low and not telling anyone. I still think he doesn’t trust her. And remember how he asked Charlie if he trusted him, I think that was a clue that Jack does know what is going on and has a plan.
    I think that Sun may have been pregnant before the island. I still want to think good of her and say it is NOT Michael’s. If it is Jin’s, wouldn’t that be interesting that the island cured his infertility, only to make her pregnant and kill Sun?
    Oh, I seemed to remember Juliet saying the problem happened later when the body reacted wrongly to the baby. If it was at conception, then Claire would have been fine. Although I think most of that with Ethan and the injections was a lie, I trust some of it. I am still thinking on this…
    (And Katie, read the comment under the other post about Eko and Kate, I want to see what you think) and (Kadie, I am so glad your husband is back hooked!)
    Final thoughts, any ideas on how they got some of the information about the Losties. I know that Mikhail was gathering it, but how would they know things that were off the record. Sawyer was not arrested and deported for shooting the man, but something else (I don’t remember what), so how did they know about it?

  9. Guess what! You’re only allowed to watch the episodes from in the states! That’s discrimination. Man. I really want to see the end of that episode! Are there any other sites you could recommend that I try?
    Anyways, I don’t know how they would get the information, but I agree that the Juliet and Goodwin thing is big. Since it was the Losties that killed him, there is no way that she would switch alliances. Of course we (or at least everyone else except me) found that out at the end of the episode, but it was a clue from the beginning. I knew that she couldn’t be trusted! I hope you are right about Jack. Right now I’m not too fond of him either.

  10. Jade, you could try and look to see if they posted the last few minutes. I don’t think that Juliet was into, or loved and cared, that much about Goodwin. I felt she was using him, so I don’t think she is that mad about his death. Also, the person who killed him is dead too. I do think her look about Ethan’s grave was important and that Charlie might be in trouble though!

  11. So get this… We just named our new puppy Hurley. No joke.

  12. A few thoughts…

    First: The LOST season finale is going to be 2 hours long! Hooray!

    Second: Bryan was telling me that the file that Ben showed Juliet to prove that her sister was healed said that it belonged to a 180 lb man. Interesting. I don’t know if that was just a prop error (which it very well could be) or if Ben was not being as honest as he should be.

    That’s funny about your dog, Nick. What kind of puppy is he?

    Also, if you guys get bored visit these two sites: & The first is just a blog that I am playing around with. It has my resume and eportfolio on there too. And the second site is just a funny site where you can write down things in this world that you would like to ban. Banthat is probably more interesting than my blog, but if you get bored and have some free time on your hands and want something to read… Enjoy.

    Oh, and I had weird dreams and you guys were in it! ha ha ha. See ya.

  13. You had weird dreams with us. That is cool, kind of creepy though. Oh, so I was wondering if Ben was lying too, I was wishing we could see more of the newspaper from the video. Something I just thought of, they are constantly mentioning they find people who look alike (Juliet like Jack’s wife) so can we be SURE it is her sister. Who knows. I looked at before, pretty cool magazine designs in your e-portfolio. what is your chicken site?

  14. Hmm. That is interesting. Something interesting to think about for sure. But Ben never really lies… So It’s kind of weird.

    My chicken site? I moved my blog from to So that’s what’s that. Anyway.

    Enjoy LOST tonight. BYE.

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