DHARMA theory

 Below is an interesting comment from writer Jeff Jensen about last week’s episode:

“Kate’s story echoed Mr. Eko’s, which would have made her Monster bait, if not for two things: 1. Fortunately, as the flashback revealed, her mother had already confronted her about her self-righteous narcissism, so the lessons had already been implanted. 2. The experience of being tethered to Juliet helped to activate those lessons and make them real. For during her dark night of the soul, Kate was made to understand, in a personal way, how her allegedly altruistic actions could be compromised by selfishness and have painful, destructive consequences. It was this that allowed her to apologize to Jack at the end of the episode for sabotaging his escape and denying him a chance at happiness. This is very similar to the growth of character we saw in Jack during the season premiere, when he finally took responsibility for his failed marriage and found himself capable of hoping for happiness for the wife who betrayed him.

All of this was mirrored in a much more lighthearted manner in the secondary story line, in which Hurley pulled a scam on Sawyer — tricking him into thinking that the beach community was on the verge of sending him to Exile Island (or at least just a ways down the shore).

Of course, what I also loved about the Sawyer story line was this: It was a joke that disguised a giant clue! An elaborate scheme designed to promote human decency — that’s the Dharma Initiative! That’s the whole ”Dharma was trying to harness the power of the Island to bring enlightenment to the masses!” theory!”

This goes along well with the good versus bad, and how everyone comes to an epiphany about themself and it changes them. Even, as much as I hate him, Locke came to realize, through Mikhail’s comments, that he is too angry. I think what he said was interesting about why Kate didn’t get killed by the monster, she came to accept responsibility for her actions. However, I think that Eko did also, so I don’t know how much I agree, I am still thinking about it… Anyway, I wanted to see what you thought of the reasons that DHARMA was there, if it is to improve society or not. If so, why is Ben so manipulative, I don’t see that as an improvement! It does fit in with what they keep saying about not being killers and being good people…Ideas anyone?


~ by lostamber on April 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “DHARMA theory”

  1. Okay, so that is interesting… About the Eko thing you were talking about in the last paragraph and how Kate didn’t get killed by the monster because she took responsibility for her actions and “Eko did also.” See Amber, I think you’re liking of Eko is clouding what happened in that episode. He didn’t take responsibility for his actions. He just accepted the fact that he did the best that he could with what he was given. He didn’t accept that what he did was wrong. He never said that, or even felt that.

    So anyway… DHARMA, I do think its goal was to improve society, or improve something, but Ben wasn’t/isn’t a part of DHARMA… so the fact that he is manipulative doesn’t have anything to do with DHARMA. I don’t know.

    This week is going to be awesome!

  2. Well, I don’t think that Eko was saying that what he did was good, I think that he and Kate (and Boone, Ana Lucia, ect.) realized their MOTIVES for doing what they do, that is their realization. So maybe it is not taking responsibility as much as recognizing if your motives are good or bad, which would also tie into Sawyer’s motives in the last episode. And it may tie into why they are all “flawed” if their motives are not to help others, which may be why they chose Locke, much as I hate him. Anyway, tonight will be AMAZING!

  3. This will be my family’s first exposure to Lost. Hopefully it will be a good one…

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