So when do the monsters show up? There is the “cash register sounding” monster (name thanks to Bryan) and the roaring monster. Last week with Nikki and Palo was the cash register, the majority of the episode where Eko died was the cash register, until the end. The series pilot was both. Tonight was both sounds. I think they have different purposes. Ideas? Let’s discuss…


~ by lostamber on April 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Monsters”

  1. Do the monsters have purposes? I’ve been mulling over that for a bit, now, and I can’t decide. The Others don’t use them or control them. At least, Juliette says all they know is that the black stuff ”doesn’t like our fences.” Or does Jacob control them and hasn’t told some of them about them? Does anyone control the monsters? Interesting thing to think about.

  2. Yes, I think the monsters have different purposes. One seems to watch the people and see what they are like, it may be the one to make sure people have achieved or obtained their deepest desire, the other one that roars seems to kill them. I think they have been there from the beginning, and the island, not a certain person, controls them.

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