Last week on Lost…

So here is an e-mail I sent last week about some of the things I was thinking about, I thought it would be good as the first Lost blog.

First: the island simply gives people the thing they want, whether it be through something appearing or death. It doesn’t let them die until the thing they most desire is fulfilled. Boone died and got released from taking care of Shannon. Shannon was loved by someone. Eko gets to be with Yemi. Anna Lucia forgave herself and found redemption. Nikki gets the diamonds and Palo gets to be with her forever. The others all see the things they want or are thinking about, like Locke and his dad, Kate and the horse, Eko and Yemi, Shannon and Walt, Jack and his dad, ect.

Second: I think the walkie talkie was left on purpose. Ben is a genius, and Palo probably left the door into the hatch open, I am sure Ben noticed and left it. I think that is the big story turner, they now have access into the lives of the “others” and what they are talking about. And Sawyer has guns.

Third: A lot of people on the front of the plane killed people, either directly or indirectly, such as Nikki and Palo killed that guy (and Sawyer, Kate, Claire(kind of), Jack(let Shannon and Boone’s dad die), and Hurley(with bad luck). That is why they are maybe not “good.”

Oh and lastly, that sucks that Nikki and Palo just layed there and heard everything that was being said around them and could do nothing! Do you think that is why Vincent pulled the blankets off, because they were still alive, a clue none of them got?

Oh, and why do you think Juliet hates the Pearl station? (it creeps her out)

Anyway, that is it, check back in a couple days for my next blog! 

Your Lost pal, Amber


~ by lostamber on April 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Last week on Lost…”

  1. Look Amber, you have a blog! Hooray. Now we can all keep updated…What will we talk about after this season is over and we have to wait for the next one though? I’m sure we’ll find something fun and lost related!

  2. I agree with the analysis. However, it seems like whenever I come to any conclusion, I am proven wrong by the next episode. But yes, I think you are right. Ben doesn’t have accidents (except maybe getting caught in Rousseau’s net, though it could easily be argued that that was part of the plan, too).

    Do you think Nikki and Palo will get out of their graves? It WOULD be pretty dramatic to hear them tell about getting buried alive…

    And about Juliet. Being watched without knowing it is creepy. That’s all there is to it. But, of course, I’ll probably be proven wrong by the next episode.

  3. I agree with Nick about why Juliet hates the Pearl station, although I can’t decide whether she’s one of the ”good guys” or not. Where the heck did she get the commando training? It seems weird to me that she would have it, but none of the Others…
    Also, I was thinking that Vincent must have pulled the blanket off because he knew they were still alive. Can’t dogs smell alive people? Or is it just instincts? I think Vincent is smarter than many of the characters on this show…;)
    P.S. I’m glad Nikki and Paolo are really dead. Call me morbid, but they just weren’t that great of actors.

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