The end (from the beginning)

•February 1, 2008 • 4 Comments

What can I say, I already used the episode title! Well, that was a great start to the season. Let’s begin with the end…or the flashbacks. So Hurley wants everyone to think he is going crazy because he is hiding something. For sure, he (and the rest of the Oceanic six) are hiding what happened on the island. Remember that he lied about not knowing Butch (aka Anna Lucia). Oh, so you know, the Oceanic six (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Jin). Anyway, I think that something happened to a bunch of them who followed Locke, like with the Others. One idea would be that Ben lies to the rescue people about their connection with the original Dharma. Or the Others simply captured them or something. Anyway, obviously he freaked when the “Lawyer from Oceanic” asked if they were still alive. Also, it would make sense why Charlie said he had to help them. I liked when Jack came and said they would never go back, and Hurley wants to and knows they have to. So, the question is, what happened between then and when Jack is on the bridge to kill himself that would make Jack go crazy and want to go back? My theory, still under development, is that Jack sees his dad like Hurley sees Charlie. Then his ranting about his father might make sense. And what if Kate decides to go back after seeing Jack at the airport when she sees Sawyer (both Katie and I think Sawyer is going to die).

Ok, so on to the normal time. That was really sad when they all find out about Charlie. Ben was funny sarcastic. Jack almost killed Locke! On to Hurley and the cabin. I think he did stumble on it the first time. It looked like the same kind of area where Locke was when he found it. The guy in the chair looked to me like he had a suit on. I looked a little, and there was a post of a screen shot that showed Jack’s dad sitting in the chair. I need to find it again and post the link. I have no idea about the eye though…or why the cabin suddenly moved. Moving on to the boat, I still don’t understand why Naomi would lie to them. Obviously they really want on that island and she didn’t want to say anything that might make them not land. I don’t get why it was so important for her to say bye to her sister either, enough that she would crawl away to get the phone back later…Anyway, I can’t remember what else I was going to write. Katie thinks it may be important they are by the cockpit, we will see. Well, write comments and I will write more when I remember what else I was going to say! See you all next week, Namaste!


The Beginning of the End

•January 31, 2008 • 1 Comment

Well, I just wanted to write to remind all that the season premiere is January 31st. I am excited and tonight I looked up something I heard about – answers found on the blu-ray of season 3 – and learned some cool things. I will share the most interesting tomorrow along with thoughts about the premiere. Now you want to come and read tomorrow, don’t you! See you then!

Been awhile

•October 20, 2007 • 3 Comments

First of all, everyone should go on and listen to the special podcast. It will announce that, finally, Mikhail is DEAD!

Ok, here are the top five questions for the next season:
1. Who is on the boat? (my theory is Dharma trying to regain control of the island)
2. Who is Jacob and what power does he have?
3. What happens to dead bodies, like Jack’s dad and Yemi? The monster?
4. What happened with Richard and the original hostiles, who are they, are they connected to Adam and Eve?
5. What is Penny’s role?

Umm, that is all I can think of right now, I know that I have a ton more though! Can’t wait ’til February!

Fahrenheit 451

•May 29, 2007 • 7 Comments

So can I say that I just finished the book again (so good, a must read) and I thought about Lost because they said in the book about the future of this country that everyone was moving toward just wanting excitement and stupid, dumbed down shows that just made them laugh. Anyway, I was thinking Lost is a total reaction against this because it brings in so much philosophy and literature that you really have to think about it. So I appreciate that. Just a final comment on Lost before we begin the LONG wait until it begins again.

The looking glass

•May 23, 2007 • 23 Comments

OH MY GOODNESS!!! So, that was a great episode wasn’t it?!? Ok, I am so sad that Charlie died, but he died a hero, that is great! I felt bad for Desmond, but I am so glad that Charlie saved him. And I hate Mikhail, what is up with that guy. They need to seriously get rid of him. Why does he still do what Ben said? The station still works under water, that’s what the girls said about it, so why flood it? Just because he hates Charlie and was supposed to kill him too. I hope Desmond makes it out ok. So on to Ben, why did he tell the truth at that point, he had to have known that Jack would not believe him. And what kind of truth was it, Jack appears to be the only one messed up once they are off the island, so maybe it is good for everyone. I think it is interesting that Ben said to him that there was nothing for him off  the island. On that note, I wonder who died. We were thinking it was Locke, but what if it was Ben and Jack wanted to kill himself because now he knew there was no way back to the island. Poor Jack, that was so depressing off the island. Do you think Kate is with Sawyer, she said that ‘he’ would wonder where she was? So Jack is a hero, but has become obsessed with drugs and alcohol. Why did he keep mentioning his dad though, is he just dillusional or what? Next, I don’t get Sawyer, I hate that Locke ruined him and now he is angry and gunhappy again, I don’t think he should have shot Tom, although it was pointed out that Tom was actually for killing Sayid and co. Oh, happy parts…Alex and her mom met, Bernard and Jin are still alive, Hurley saved the day, Jack told Kate he loved her. I guess that evened out the depressing parts. I just don’t get Jack, I keep coming back to that. Why does he want to get back to the island so much? Because there he was a leader? Maybe something happens to someone he loves and was trying to take care of? What is going to happen after this, how are they going to have three more seasons? Can I say that I do like that Locke did not shoot Jack, although I hoped he would have shot the phone out of Jack’s hand. And how did Locke know? Did Walt tell him? How did Walt know to help John, did Jacob send him? So many questions, I need to think a lot more and I will write more soon.

greatest hits

•May 16, 2007 • 9 Comments

So tonights episode was kind of sad, but great. Charlie is such a good guy … let’s discuss the issues at hand with him first. Why was Desmond not in the flashback? I think it was just a different day, but it could also be the ‘alternate time line’ theory. What if there is an alternate timeline where they do die and Charlie has a new album and is a hero and all that, and Naomi just got into the other timeline after crashing. Maybe the sky turning purple opened up the other timeline, as that was when Desmond had his flashes. ok, I don’t know what else to say about all of that, I will think more.

On to the Others. Ben is mad, and the Others are obviously severely questioning him. I am glad Alex went and got Karl. Did it seem like Karl knew Ben wasn’t her father when she said that, maybe they all know but her. Why is Ben so set on getting the women? I think that is my main question, why is that so important. They are willing to grab all the women and ‘sort them out later’? I am just wondering the importance, it seems that even they can’t have children, so why? Ideas?

p.s. I am glad they are using Rousseau, she needs friends! I will keep thinking and add more soon! See you next week for what looks like a GREAT season finale.

The man behind the curtain

•May 9, 2007 • 11 Comments

Umm… much as I hated Locke, I am in shock. Let me get out all the questions I have first after this episode. How is Richard the same age? How is Ben the same age as since the purge, which was apparently at least 16 years ago as we have no evidence of Alex? Why did Ben want Locke to join them and then killed him? Why didn’t Locke lie about what Jacob said? Why does Jacob freak out when there are flashlights? Is there even a Jacob? (I think YES) What else has Ben lied about? Why would Richard follow Ben if he was obviously on the island longer? (I have a theory) Why did no one protect Mikhail from Locke (Richard and Tom just stood there and watched) Why did Juliet tell Jack? Did Sawyer steal the tape or did Locke give it to him? and so much more.

Ok, so I think that Ben is the leader because he saw his mother after she was dead, but others saw dead people too (Jack and Eko), so did they just think that Locke had. I think Jacob is real, and maybe Locke couldn’t see him because he didn’t actually kill his father and Ben did. Sorry this is so fragmented, I am still in shock. Ok, next idea. The Hostiles are apparently connected to the whispers. Why didn’t they go to the other hatches, namely where Rizinski was, and later Desmond. They must have known that was real and someone needed to stay there to push the button. Why did Alex give him the gun, to protect him from Ben? Does she know? Why has no one questioned Ben’s authority? I still want to know how he became the one in power. Someone else has to have talked to Jacob, Ben didn’t just find him on his own! Why would Ben kill Locke? I know he said it was because he heard Jacob too, but it seems he still needs Locke to find the answers that he seeks. Why would Ben even take him to Jacob? I really want to know about Jacob and the flashlight. Was it to hide something, you can’t see much with just a lantern. Interestingly, all planes crash that get around the island, but there are the barracks and the fence that have electricity. I don’t know where I am going with that… Oh, why is Dharma still dropping things on the island? Because the button was still being pushed. So Ben is the last member of Dharma on the island, interesting…

Oh, and see, we could trust Jack! I was almost thinking we couldn’t, but now we know! That is kind of awkward for Kate and Sawyer to hear the tape, I am sure. I wonder why Juliet would tell Jack. She must have went with Ben long enough to get away from the group, and then turned on him. Maybe those aren’t the true instructions and Juliet is still playing them. Ben seemed to make it obvious about the tape so Locke would know where it was and take it. Maybe it is still all in the plan. Juliet is just too complex to read for sure. I liked Naomi’s comment about them wanting to be saved. Does she have another way for them to get off besides the phone, or is she playing them too? Why would she have told Mikhail she wasn’t alone (when he said she said thank you)? And when did he find out about her ship and such? She didn’t say anything about it until she talked to Sayid, I thought. Anyway, this is really long and I have more to think about. I will write more later. The next two weeks are going to be awesome!